What is Jambo's 8-Phase Meditation Method?

The perfect blend of traditional and modern gives you the power to know what YOU need

Each phase has been carefully selected from traditional, researched methods and modern day suggestions of mind-body union practises.

Here is why we need this perfect blend:

Traditional methods take us deep, but are not necessarily always useful for modern day living. 

Modern techniques are ideal for coping in our modern day lifestyles, but often do not take us deep into the places we really want to explore. 

We need a combination of both.

Whether you are brand new to meditation or have lots of meditation experience, this organised sequence of practises helps us tap into the various aspects of a healthy meditator's psyche, and find what YOU need from your meditation practise. 

I hope this practise allows you to return back to yourself as well as it has for me. 

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Live 8-Phase Meditation Workshop with Jambo

Plus your own 5-Day Mini-Meditation Challenge

  • Jambo will lead you through a full 8-Phase Meditation

  • Discuss the research and reasons behind each phase and the practice as a whole

  • Answers to commonly asked questions about each phase

  • This workshop will prepare you to participate in the 28-Day Meditation Recharge for Your Inner Child, which starts May 7

  • You will have access to the meditation for 5 Days to gain the insight that comes from starting a consistent practice

Workshop Price

Includes 2-Hour Workshop and 5 Days of Access to the Meditation Process---Members: Please find your discount code in your email or under your subscription in "My Dashboard"

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