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Course Curriculum Outline

  1. 1
    • I'm So Excited to Share this Practise With You!

    • Bonus Video: Choosing a Highly Elevated Emotion to work with

    • Bonus Meditation: Choosing a Highly Elevated Emotion

    • Suggested Process and Daily Structure for first 28 Days

  2. 2
    • What are the 8 phases?

    • Bonus: Jambo discusses why he chose a combination of traditional and modern

  3. 3
    • Live Recorded 8-Phase Meditation, Guided (40 Minutes)

    • Produced 8-Phase Meditation, Guided with Music (40 Minutes)

    • Produced 8-Phase Meditation, Instrumental Music Only (40 Minutes)

    • BONUS: 8-Phase Shamanic Sound Journey (40 Minutes)

  4. 4
    • Phase 1: Breathe For Yourself- 28 Minute Meditation

    • Phase 2: Get out of Your Own Way - 28 Minute Meditation

  5. 5
    • Bonus Activity for Phase 3, Heart Coherence

    • Phase 3: Heart Coherence - 28 Minute Meditation

    • Phase 4: Uptake Gratitude - 28 Minute Meditation

  6. 6
    • Phase 5: Let Go & Forgive - 28 Minutes

    • Phase 6: Your Future Self in a Year - 28 Minutes

  7. 7
    • Phase 7: Your Future Self in a Day (Rehearse your next 24 Hours) - 28 Minutes

    • Phase 8: Meet and Sit With Your Guides - 28 Minutes

  8. 8
    • Having trouble connecting to one or more of the phases, or feeling distracted?

    • Is it okay to focus on more than one elevated emotion at the same time?

    • Feel like you aren't being "consistent enough" with your practice?

    • Tips for maintaining your Elevated Emotional State

    • Struggling to connect to gratitude early in the morning (or any time really)?

    • Wondering about meeting and sitting with your Guides?

P.S. I really hope you enjoy the collection of my life’s work as a practitioner of meditation

After 26 years experimenting with various traditions, including being brought up as a Buddhist and a Taoist, I have realised that the 8-Phases method easily synergises the richness of where I have come from with the blueprint of my deepest dreams and the awe of my present moment. I hope this practise does the same for you. -------Jambo