Your Biomagickal Pelvis - Delving into the Mystery with Charlie Speller!

This course is for vulva owners who want to feel more empowered, know more about their own anatomy, want/need to take true ownership of their body, build self advocacy, & cultivate a relationship with their sensual self.

  • Your pelvis is likely one of the most mysterious parts of your body. On this internal journey to magick, wisdom and healing, we will cover:

  • The Biomechanics of the pelvis: the boney pelvis, a plethora of different engorgeable tissues fed by nerves and veins, the canopy of muscles, tendons and ligaments that form the pelvic floor, the path of elimination (pee and poop) that moves through our pelvis

  • The intimate relationship of many key structural muscles (the ones that enable us to stand/move) with the mechanics and health of the pelvis

  • The relationship of pelvic health with a healthy nervous system, and how it is impacted by food, hormones, biomechanics, & the ability/inability to down-regulate the nervous system

  • This 4-part exploration of the Pelvis will include both group learning and personal exploration, and shared ritual and ceremony

  • Course Participants will have access to a private Facebook group to allow you to ask questions and share your experiences, and connect in community with others on the course

  • Recorded Sessions will be available for 3 Months

Full Course Schedule

1pm - 4pm BST [London, UK Time]

  • Part 1: 20 and 21 May, 2021

  • Part 2: 27 and 28 May, 2021

  • ****Please double check your time zone conversion: BST is British Summer Time****

  • Course will run from 1pm to 4pm UK time (BST) on each of the days

  • The course will be recorded and it is possible to attend via the recordings if you're not able to make it live.

  • Please email with any questions.

Payment Options (10% JDS Member Discount Available)

The price for this course is £205. A lower "Community Pricing" option is available to support those facing financial hardship or unemployment. For those who are financially stable and wish to support the community pricing places, please choose the "Supporter Pricing" option. ****Please email with questions****

FAQ & Policy


    * 30 days or more prior to training 100% of monies less payment processing fees and less a £100 non-refundable deposit * 29 days or less, no refund, no exceptions

  • 100% of this training will take place online

    You do not have to attend all of this course live - it is possible to attend via recording.


    This course is for vulva owners who want to feel more empowered, know more about their own anatomy, want/need to take true ownership of their body, build self advocacy, develop a relationship with their sensual self.

  • Email for further questions

    Please email if you have any questions.

Meet Your Teacher

Charlie Speller

  • Charlie is fascinated by and passionate about all things pelvis-related. As a Poppy Perinatal teacher trainer and pelvic health educator, Charlie prioritises the interconnections between pelvic function (biomechanics), health (biochemistry) and the deep magick of the pelvis in her teaching. When combined, these elements make up the biomagickal pelvis — a term Charlie created to describe the power and potential held in the pelvis.

  • Charlie’s passion for pelvic health arose from her own pregnancy loss, subsequent pregnancy, giving birth and postpartum recovery. She has studied with Catherine Allen, Dr Kathy Dooley, Christine Kent and is currently completing a year-long mentorship in Scar Tissue Remediation and Management (STREAM) with Dr Ellen Heed.

  • In tandem with her passion for the pelvis, Charlie’s yoga classes, bodywork & bodycoaching practice, and her Medicine work is dedicated to helping people to feel empowered and get out of pain.

  • Charlie’s classes are always infused with subtle anatomy, her sense of fun, curiosity, compassion, empathy and truth. And, she has real a knack for breaking information down in a way that is easy to up-take and take action!

  • At the start of 2021, Charlie committed to the role of Forrest Yoga Guardian and has been working on her own understanding and contribution to social justice and planetary health. Charlie is committed to becoming a good ancestor to future generations.

  • Charlie says that she never really stops teaching, but when she’s not “working”, she loves to learn, be in nature, play in the oceans and lakes and spend quality time with her family and friends. For more info about Charlie and her journey to teaching visit:

Time Conversions for Live Classes

1 PM BST Start Time

  • London (BST): 1 PM

  • East Coast (USA): 8 AM

  • Jakarta: 7 PM

  • West Coast (USA): 5 AM

  • Sydney: 10 PM