Turning your trauma into trajectory

Shadow work has become so trendy that we have almost forgotten how to get out, leaving us stuck in old patterns. In this 2-Hour workshop you will:

  • Learn how staying stuck in emotional and trauma patterns can affect our breathing and moving

  • Learn to identify the stages of discovering, exploring, and ultimately letting go of, the emotional signatures that are held in our body

  • Create space to explore changing your storytelling around trauma, through a Forrest Yoga Inspired practise

  • Nurture a new story of high quality self-care during guided meditation

  • This workshop will be recorded, so if you're unable to attend live, please enroll to receive access to the recording. Please email sally@jamboyoga.com with questions

Course pricing

Member Price is £18. JDS Members: Please find your discount code in the Yoga Video Library or in your recent emails.