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Honouring and Fostering a Culture of Inclusivity in Yoga: With Fatima Sadeck

Yoga is for everyone. For all cultures, for all shapes and sizes, and for any sexual orientation. It’s time to reclaim its true heritage.

  • We will discuss racial disparity and cultural appropriation in the westernisation of yoga

  • How can we as practitioners and studio owners be more inclusive and a real ally for change?

  • Honour the lineage and beauty of the practise of yoga so that anyone, of all abilities, ethnicities and genders, can benefit and not feel marginalised

  • This workshop will be live, and the recording will be yours to keep

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Live Workshop Time: 2PM BST on Friday, June 26

  • London: 2PM

  • East Coast (USA): 9AM

  • West Coast (USA): 6 AM

  • Jakarta: 8PM

  • Sydney: 11PM

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About Fatima

Fatima is a Hatha Yoga instructor with a deep commitment to increasing diversity in yoga. She has a passion for yoga philosophy and honouring the lineages of yoga through cultural appreciation with a focus on education. Through her inclusive approach she empowers any one to practise regardless of ability, ethnicity, gender,shape or size. She has over 15 years of experience in the corporate sector where she serves as a diversity ambassador and is the Head of a Diversity and Inclusion network of over 2000 employees intent on driving the representation, recruitment and development of Black and minority ethnic persons.