This training consists of acupressure sequences, meditation, videos and discussion:

  • Learn 3 Full Acupressure Sequences

  • Meditations to use Pre- and Post- Acupressure Sequence

  • PLUS Daily Bonus Content on Heart Meridian, Grief, Large Intestine, and Acupressure for Emotions

  • Over 6 hours of videos and content, best learned over the course of a week


  • Soothing the Tension of the Intellect: An acupressure sequence and class for meditation and concentration

  • Soothing Your Relationship with Earth: A grounding acupressure sequence to change the relationship of your feet feel with the ground

  • Jambo Dragon's Inner Beauty Regime: A full body routine supporting internal chambers that radiates outwards and shows in the skin, hair and eyes

  • Meridian Meditations for Acupressure, with Bonus Sequences for Emotions

Course Pricing

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